Laura is currently studying Natal & Medical Astrology.

In-depth chart readings are not yet open to the public, but check back soon or stay in the loop to be notified when bookings become available.

In the meantime, Laura is offering MiniMoon Readings for the new moons of 2021…

MiniMoon Readings

It’s a new moon, now what?

You may have heard that new moons provide optimal opportunity for intention-setting. But you may be wondering: Intentions around what, specifically? And is there more to it?

Yes, there is so much more to it.

And it all depends on your unique birth chart…

MiniMoon Astrology Readings

It is our individual natal chart that unlocks the details. A chart is broken up into 12 houses – or arenas – governing different aspects of your life. For example, is the new moon happening in your house of career, your house of health, or your house of relationship? Are their obstacles present? Or opportunities?

For more personalized guidance and insight into how a new moon affects your unique birth chart, Laura offers MiniMoon Astrology Readings around the new moon of each month. 

These one-on-one, individualized sessions help you harness the power of intention and the planets to see your dreams take flight.

A MiniMoon moon session will pinpoint where the new moon happens for you, and offers suggestions on ways to work with its energy. In addition, you’ll explore what planetary influences may be impacting the new moon for you at this time. 

With this personalized reading, you can learn what obstacles, if any, might be standing in your way and how to best work through them. Gaining awareness and perspective can help you navigate your circumstances with increased confidence and ease. See how it feels to move forward, in alignment, with the planets at your back. 

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Limited MiniMoon Readings are offered around the new moon each month. Sessions are 25 minutes, $40, and are done virtually through Zoom. The session will be recorded and sent to you as a keepsake, so you can listen and reflect, again and again.