2020 New Year’s Retreat: Reflections & Intentions

New Year's Intention Setting

I went to a retreat to begin 2020. It was intimate, and heart-centred. We reflected on 2019. We grounded in the present. We got dreamy about 2020. There was vulnerability: shared, witnessed, held, honoured. Visions & goals celebrated. I helped get me in the head/heart space, or the *feeling-space* inside me – that I’d like to come home to as the year goes along.
It’s amazing how a supportive group can lift each other up. I did not grow up with these types of friendships. It was not safe to be myself in my peer group, not safe to take up space. I’m blessed with some real connections in my life now, and yet it still takes conscious effort to unlearn the anxiety of simply being, especially in a group. When I do, and it goes well, it’s ??? [read: very surprising!]

Our host Lauren, a dear friend of mine, had a journal waiting in each of our rooms. Each journal featured a different pattern, and she aptly chose mine: the phases of the moon (thanks, LV). I’m pulling it out again on this snowy weekend.

Part of what the moon represents is our emotional life. Instead of a task, what’s a *feeling* you’d like to carry with you through the year? What home-base sensation would you like to live in? It’s pretty much guaranteed that the year will throw you off course at times. But we spend so much time worrying about what we don’t want, that I’m asking myself – and you – to shift that into: what feeling DO I want? What am I coming home to, inside? It could be a word, a nameless sensation in your body, or a practice – like gratitude, perhaps. If you’d like to share, I’ll be your witness. I’ll celebrate this intention and help steer you back there, anytime you need it. .

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