5 Tips for the Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Winter Wisdom: Chinese Medicine & the Winter Solstice

Welcome to the Winter Solstice, where in the Northern Hemisphere we are in the darkest of days, the least amount of light – and in Chinese Medicine is considered the most yin time of year. 

What does it mean to live in alignment with the seasons? 

One is to ??????? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ??????, to flow with it rather than resist it. 

The other is to ??????? ??? ?????? using the opposite properties – yang for yin, or yin for yang, depending on the season. 

The Winter is related to the Kidney System, and it highlights the verb ?? ??. It is about regeneration – specifically the process that happens underground or underwater. The outside appears still, unchanged. But underneath is a deep recharge – a vital part of the life cycle and seasonal cycles. 

Our bones. Our womb. Our essence. Our fear. The Kidney system taps into the deepest parts of ourselves.

Here are 5 ways to align with the Winter Season:

????????? ?????????: In body & mind through rest and meditation.

??? ?? ??????? ??? ?????? ??????: Black sesame seeds, stews, bone marrow, kidney beans, miso, root vegetables. 

???? ???? ???? & ????? ???? ????: To prevent cold entering the Kidney meridians.

???? / ????????? ?? ?????????: Feel the life in sounds – of nature, music, singing bowls, humming.

???? ???? ?????: Recognize when you’re operating from fear. Take a breath. 

What are your Winter Wisdoms? Any practices you follow in this season?