A Ritual for the Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Solar Eclipse Ritual
??????? ??? ???????? ????? ???????!⁣

The solstice arrives with a (new moon) solar eclipse, at 0 degrees Cancer. ?????? ?? ??????? ?? ??? ?????????? – ??? ????, ??????, ?????. ??? ????. It’s a sensitive sign, ruled by the moon, which governs ????????. ⁣

Can you see where I’m going with this? ???? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????. ⁣

Don’t be surprised if you feel a little shaky, vulnerable, questioning deep patterns of beliefs you hold or inherited. Eclipse effects can be felt for up to 6 months.⁣

Simultaneously, Mercury is retrograding through the same sign of Cancer, layering a tricky energy into the mix. ??? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ???? ???’?? ???????, or be a little more sensitive to any miscommunications. It also may stir up emotional ’stuff’ you thought you worked through already.⁣

To get more specific would depend where the sign of Cancer is in your own birth chart, but even if you don’t know this, you can still work with these energies. ⁣

??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ????? ??????? ?? ??????:⁣

? Find a quiet space. ⁣
? Take 10 cleansing breaths. Use sound on the exhales if that feels good.⁣
? Let go of or suspend self-judgement. ⁣
? Tell yourself you’re safe (Cancer is the crab – fragile, somewhat skittish, likes to hide in it’s shell for safety).⁣
? Discover the feelings. It may be a vague body sensation or very specific emotion.⁣
? Get curious about them. Go through each one and explore. Where did they come from? Are they old or new? How are they serving you? ⁣
? The hardest part of all: Give them space to exist/be felt. Thank them for being teachers in your evolution. Perhaps write down any insights you had. ⁣
? Set an intention. New moons are great for intentions, initiations, beginnings. If you don’t know what house Cancer falls in your chart, stick with what comes up in this exercise, setting an intention to work with the insight you had. ⁣

Thank yourself for making the time to harness the new moon energy. And let in the flow ? ♋️.

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