Can Chinese Medicine Improve my Sex Life?

Chinese Medicine and Sex
As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I am often asked about ???.⁣

People want to know if Chinese medicine can do anything for sex drive.⁣

My answer? ⁣

Yes… but it’s complicated. ⁣

First of all, it’s normal to have a sex drive and it’s normal not to have a sex drive. ??’? ?????? & ??????? ?? ???? ???, ??? ?????? & ??????? ??? ?? ???? ???.⁣

Put another way: ??? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ???’? ???? ???. ??? ?? ??? ???? ???????? ?? ?? ??????? ?? ?? ??? ???? ??? ???? ????? ???? ??? ????? ?????? ??.⁣

There are many factors that, to use terms in Emily Nagoski’s book, either activate your ‘Sexual Excitation System’ or your ‘Sexual Inhibition System’ when it comes to your sexual response. ⁣

For the Chinese Medicine Curious, here’s what I’ll share…⁣

Sex involves multiple different organ systems in TCM: ⁣

The Liver. The meridian encircles the genitals. And when you’re super stressed, the Liver qi stagnates. For some this puts on the brakes, whereas others enjoy using sex as a way to get their Liver qi flowing.⁣

The Kidney system. It governs our reproductive organs. If we are experiencing adrenal burnout or a deficiency in yang qi, we may find it harder to get aroused.⁣

The Heart. The Heart is related to anxiety, so whether it’s anxiety in general or performance anxiety specifically, if this system is out of balance then essentially the communication between your Heart & genitals gets short circuited. ⁣

And yep, we’re humans who sometimes have #allofthethings going on at once! ⁣

So yes we can use TCM (that’s acu +/or herbs) in some ways to increase drive & sensation during orgasm. We can also enhance sperm & egg quality, and assist those experiencing vaginal dryness for menopausal or other reasons.⁣

Awesome, right? ⁣

But first and foremost, it’s time to normalize your baseline when it comes to who you are and what you’re into or not into*. (*ALL abuse situations aside. No abuse should be ’normalized’. Ever.) ⁣

Love and acceptance of self is always the #1 place to start. ⁣


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