Bee Pollen Energy Balls by Laura Burns

Bee Pollen Energy Balls

BEE POLLEN ENERGY BALLS ? Bee pollen benefits: Nourishes Jing in TCM – think longevity, reproductive health, and metabolism. It tonifies the immune system, helps

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Pear & Ginger Muffins

A nourishing, gluten free, sugar free fall favourite. Food is medicine, and here’s a breakdown of the ingredients in Chinese medicine nutrition: Oats nourish our

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Fall and Chinese Medicine

Five Tips for Fall ?

There are many tools at our disposal through Chinese Medicine to align with the seasons and ultimately strengthen our health.  The fall is connected to

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Peach and Pecan Blondies

Peach & Pecan Blondies

?????? & ????? ???????? ? I love using seasonal ingredients to get creative in the kitchen. Behold: my peach season manifestation, using local peaches from

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Carrot Top Pesto

Carrot-Top Pesto

Guess what this delicious pesto is made with? …Carrot-tops! ?? Don’t let your carrot tops go to waste! They make a fabulous pesto. Here’s the

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Witches’ Porridge

First recipe’s up, and it’s ???? ?? ??????.⁣⁣Featuring ????? ???? / ???? ?? – an edible herb in TCM, that nourishes the Heart ?⁣⁣I’m designating

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Can You Guess this Herb?

Answer to my instagram herbal pop quiz on Monday… (????????)…⁣⁣This herb is ????? ????! ??? ???? ??. ? ⁣⁣I thereby name this month “?????-????-??” (yah

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Coix Seed Recipe

TCM Breakfast Porridge

​My TCM Breakfast Obsession: ?? ?? ??? porridge ?⁣⁣?? ?? ??? has many names: Croix Seed, Job’s Tears, Chinese pearled barley, Yi Mi⁣⁣It’s an herb

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Chinese Red Dates

Eat your Medicine! Chinese Medicine Nutrition spotlight:✨?✨ Da Zao – aka Jujube – aka Chinese Red Dates Da Zao / Chinese Red Dates are used

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