Bee Pollen Energy Balls by Laura Burns

Bee Pollen Energy Balls

BEE POLLEN ENERGY BALLS ? Bee pollen benefits: Nourishes Jing in TCM – think longevity, reproductive health, and metabolism. It tonifies the immune system, helps

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Fall and Chinese Medicine

Five Tips for Fall ?

There are many tools at our disposal through Chinese Medicine to align with the seasons and ultimately strengthen our health.  The fall is connected to

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Taurus Season

The Sun moves into Taurus April 19, followed by Mercury on the same day. Together they join Venus, which recently entered on the 14th: A

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Your Questions Answered

Now that I have unveiled my snazzy new website (??) allow me to (re)introduced myself. I’m Laura (she/her).⁣I’m an Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner,

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Witches’ Porridge

First recipe’s up, and it’s ???? ?? ??????.⁣⁣Featuring ????? ???? / ???? ?? – an edible herb in TCM, that nourishes the Heart ?⁣⁣I’m designating

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Can You Guess this Herb?

Answer to my instagram herbal pop quiz on Monday… (????????)…⁣⁣This herb is ????? ????! ??? ???? ??. ? ⁣⁣I thereby name this month “?????-????-??” (yah

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Water Element & Receptivity

Oh, just two little ducks in a flow state ?⁣⁣And also:⁣⁣??????????? ?? ??? ????? ??????? & ???????????⁣⁣We’re in the Winter season, associated with the Water

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Air Element

In ????????? we’re moving into an ??? ??????.⁣⁣In ??? we’re still in a ????? ??????.⁣⁣??? brings us new ideas, new visions, new ways of communicating.

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