Fall Equinox 2020: It’s time to let go

Fall equinox ritual

??’? ???? ?? ??? ??.⁣

This is the wisdom of the ???? ??????? – which arrives tomorrow. ⁣

Letting go can be hard. Or beautiful.⁣

Letting go can be about moving towards ?????????? – a benefic quality of the ????? ??????? and the Fall season, according to Chinese medicine.⁣

???? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ????????⁣

It could be material things, Marie Kondo style. ⁣


…with the astro transits* over this Equinox, what may become apparent are ??????-????????? ???????? ???? ??? ?????????? ??? ?????. Not just fear, anxiety or melancholy – but rumination therein. Incessant mental chatter. Like spam in our mental ‘inbox’!⁣

Not only does this mental clutter prevent us from feeling our best, but in Chinese medicine this rumination, or over-worrying, can damage the Spleen qi and create digestive issues such as bloating and lethargy.⁣

On an external level, our negative self-talk or incessant worries will ultimately impact our behaviour. And with the placement of the planet Mars this month as well, we must be extra mindful in our words & actions.⁣

So: My Equinox challenge to you (I will do it too, of course!) this week:⁣

?Witness your mental emotional state with gentleness, self-compassion, and grace.⁣

?If similar thoughts, fears, anxieties repeat themselves, write them down. Thank them. And let them go.⁣

?If you want to get a little extra woo, write them on a fallen leaf. If there are more than one, collect several leaves and write on each. Then return them to the earth.⁣

Intentions need to be backed up by actions; that’s integration ✅ ??⁣

Another way to integrate is acupuncture. See your acupuncturist (I happen to know one ?) and say your intentions aloud, and allow the session to work with you. There are some badass acupoints for helping to set these intentions in motion, embodying your journey.⁣

Feel free to DM me at the end of the week, with thoughts or pictures, to let me know how this went for you! I’ve got your back.⁣

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