Five Tips for Fall ?

Fall and Chinese Medicine

There are many tools at our disposal through Chinese Medicine to align with the seasons and ultimately strengthen our health. 

The fall is connected to the Lung System in TCM. Our lungs are called the ‘delicate organ’ and are a big part of our immune system aka wei qi, so it’s important to work with the lungs in the fall.

Elementally, the fall is related to Metal, which is all about organization, letting go, grieving what’s leaving. 

With those things in mind, here are my 5 Tips for Fall:

1. Breath-work

10 minutes per day of breath-work strengthens the lungs, while the exhalation reminds us to let go.

2. De-clutter

The fall is related to the Metal Element in TCM, which is all about organization, the cycle of life that is the letting go to make space which will eventually create the new. Time to get rid of it! See how your mind feels when you’ve cleared out the clutter and tidied your surroundings. 

3. Wear a Scarf

‘Wind’ is something to watch in Chinese Medicine. Wind relates to external pathogens, which TCM examines extensively. There are multiple ways to bolster our bodies and immune systems, but one we don’t often think of is to wear a scarf when it’s windy. There’s an acupoint at the back of the neck, Gallbladder 20 called Wind Pool – it’s that area around the occiput that just feels uncomfortable when cold wind accumulates there. Make sure that area is covered with your scarf on windy days. 

4. Eat Foods for the Lungs

Foods for the lungs include somewhat pungent, white foods such as: garlic, onions, watercress, mustard, mushrooms, as well as moistening foods such as pears, fish, and omega oils. A homemade broth can include several of these at once! 

5. Acupuncture

We can use acupuncture to support the lungs, strengthen your immune system, help with letting go, and process emotions of melancholy or sadness that can arise at this time of year.  Letting go is symbolic that nothing is permanent, and there is beauty in that, too.