I See You.

Holding Space
It’s been a H E A V Y couple of weeks. For many.

I don’t always have the right words. But I see you. I see you. I see the pain. I see the grief. I see the frustration. I see how hard you are working to try to heal. How you’re doing all the right things. Going to appointment after appointment. Getting all the tests. Doing all the exercises. Craving sugar but eating “all the [bleepin’] hummus!”. That your body is behaving in ways you don’t understand. That people you love are dying. That old traumas are coming to light. That there is a part of you that will never be as it was. I see that there’s more responsibility on you than you feel you can handle. That Toronto’s rents are out of control. That you’re afraid. That a family member is struggling. I see that you are in a toxic workplace and each day you take your big brave hurting heart to work again and try to focus. I see how hard you’re being on yourself in the process. I see how far you’ve come on the days where you feel lost. I see how much you’re learning. I see the beauty in the spirit of your emotion. I see your kindness. I see your values. Your integrity. Your dedication to showing up for yourself, and for others. 

I don’t always know what to say. But I see you. That’s something you can say to someone, too. When they need it. When it feels like no one sees how hard they’re work they’re doing. Or recognizes their talents. Or understands that they’re struggling. If you see them, that’s something you can offer.

I’m privileged to hold space when this kind of stuff comes up in a session. I’m grateful to have something to offer, through body work, through Chinese medicine, and at the very least a listening heart. To support the body & mind through all that you are carrying. To help change a moment. However small or big of a difference it makes in a day. Week. Year. Life.

I’m going to go do some self care now. I’ll be ready again tomorrow.

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