Mantras for Oct 1st Full Moon in Aries

Laura Burns acupuncturist


Tomorrow’s full moon is FULL ON, and I’ve got two mantras to help you through it – keep reading ?!⁣

Aries is a fire sign and rules the head. It’s why you might be feeling like this right now: ?⁣

Or… partially why. In addition:⁣

Mars, a fiery planet that’s retrograde in Aries right now, is squaring Saturn – MEANING: You want to go forward but you’re being forced to slow down. It’s like trying to hit the gas pedal with the brakes on. ?‍♀️⁣

Inside the body, this stop and go energy inside inside us, from a Chinese medicine standpoint, stagnates the Liver qi – MEANING: it creates pent up frustration & heat which does all sorts of un-fun things to the body: headaches, muscle tension, sore necks, etc.⁣

The energy has to go somewhere, and if it can’t go where you want it to go today due to circumstances beyond your control, instead: do some cardio exercise, shout in your pillow, punch the air, cry, or dance like nobody’s watching (even if they are) ??⁣

And now… your MANTRAS:⁣

1) “I check my ego at the gate.”

2) “Patience…(aaaaand more patience).”⁣

You may not love these mantras ?[I made no promises that this would feel good ?]⁣

If you’re a human, you have an ego. It’s not a bad thing. But an ego that’s too big or two small isn’t in highest service of yourself nor others. Having an honest and balanced relationship with the ego is what we’re especially called to do right now. ⁣

And transits aren’t all ‘bad’. Positive aspects of this one include:⁣

It can spark ACTION. The urge to DO something – to work though some of the themes that have been plaguing you this last month.⁣

And if you’re someone who has a hard time speaking up for yourself (ie ego too small) then you might get that surge of energy to speak up or assert your boundaries.⁣

Personally, I always feel so much better during full moons than new moons. With the moon the ruler of my cart, a full moon seems to give me a burst of creative energy that I love.⁣

In the spirit of ego, here’s a selfie at the end of an epic week last week where I was feelin’ surprisingly perky ? ??⁣

Hang in there this week. We’ll get through this.⁣

#fullmooninaries ?