Mars Retrograde 2020: What it could mean for you

Mars retrograde

It’s here: the epic 2020 ???? ??????????. ⁣

The planet of passion is treading backwards in some intense planetary terrain (squaring Saturn + a bunch of other tricky aspects). ⁣

Here’s what it means for YOU:⁣

Notice: where have you been feeling a ???? in your life these days? In what realm of your life have you identified ??????????, ?????, potentially ????????, and/or a ????? ?? ?????? ???????? This is likely where Mars is transiting in your chart, and this theme will continue – increasing in focus – over the next 2+ months. ⁣

Note: ??? ??? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ??? ?? ? ????. ⁣

Please: Don’t rush. (???’?? ????? ???? ??????)⁣

Remember: Don’t panic (?? ????? ????? ? ??’? ???)⁣

Instead: ???????? ??? ???? ???? ????? ?????? ?????? ???. (????! ? ????. ???? ?????!) Shine the light there, and use Saturn’s disciplined energy & wisdom to set systems in place to help you learn and grow successfully in this area. It can also be an issue in the world or society that may be calling you to action. The same applies here. ⁣

The harsh truth: This is supposed to take time, despite feeling impatient with it all and perhaps facing obstacles as you go along. ⁣

The way through: For the impatient energy, do some physical movement (not reckless but physical) to help release that. This will help you can stay focused on doing the work – sustainably.⁣

The plus side: Though it may feel intense, it’s also exciting. You are getting the growth you need, working towards your Warrior Certification in this area of life. ?? ⁣

Lastly: Take some deep breaths. Slow down, remember the long-game approach to sustain the drive to the finish line. Trust the process. Warriors can be gentle on themselves and others. True strength is cultivated by nurturing within. ⁣

DM me your birth info if you want to know what area of your chart Mars is transiting. 🙂 ⁣

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