My Aquarius Season Must-Read

Aquarius season must-read! Humankind: A Hopeful History

I. Am. Loving. This. Book.

Rutger Bergman’s history begins with a real-life Lord of the Flies situation, that plays out nothing like the fiction: It’s a goosebumps kinda story, of boys who survived shipwreck on an ‘uninhabitable’ island for over 15 months, because they worked together. Their bonds are still strong today.

It continues on to demonstrate the ways in which humans are better than we have been lead to believe, and where ‘wrong turns’ occurred.

The book isn’t ‘love and light’ – it doesn’t turn away from the violence that humans are capable of. But it did challenge my thinking, and offer hopeful examples of restructured systems that allow us to be the better version of humanity that we are, at the core.

Perfect read with this stellium of planets in Aquarius!!

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