My choice of acupuncture point for the new moon in Virgo

Yin Tang Acupuncture Point

Third Eye Acupuncture Point (“Yin Tang”) ? ⁣

My choice of acupuncture point for the new moon in Virgo ?? ⁣

Virgo is all about MIND/BODY connection, and the autonomic nervous system. ⁣

The word that comes up for me with a new moon in Virgo is “?????????”.⁣

What is aligned with our authentic self, and what isn’t? Virgo gets picky, sorting through details and reorganizing us – for good reason. We are prepping for fall, for letting go of excess in order to feel balanced during Libra season. ⁣

I’ve definitely been feeling this Virgo season, where “getting my ducks in a row” has been the primary theme! Decluttering at home, organizing some behind the scenes biz, taking charge of my health, and planning some fall studies… ! ? ? ? !⁣

BUT without ???????? insight, the Virgo energy can have us caught in a head-spin. If we’re unable to connect our mind, body, emotions, spirit, we can get lost in the details – and end up frazzled 2 weeks in. If uncentered, this can wreak havoc on our psyche… and ultimately our body. ⁣

So take stock this new moon: am I organizing my life in a manner – and a pace – that’s aligned with who I am? ⁣

If you can get clarity on this, you can really harness this new moon in Virgo. Why? Because ???? ??? ???? ?????? ??????, which can set the stage for sustainability through the actions we make today. ?? ? ⁣

With the new moon trining Saturn, it’s a good day to set systems in place that help us build our future. But our intentions need to be clear, and aligned. ⁣

Acupuncture always helps me with insight and alignment, and I love working on this level with my patients. ⁣

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