Chinese Red Dates

Eat your Medicine! Chinese Medicine Nutrition spotlight:✨?✨

Da Zao – aka Jujube – aka Chinese Red Dates

Da Zao / Chinese Red Dates are used in TCM herbal medicine to nourish the blood, tonify the Spleen. It’s often added to formulas to help harmonize the other herbs and protect the body from side effects.

If you’ve been diagnosed by a practitioner as having qi & blood deficiency, you can eat your medicine! And it tastes delicious!

This is a particularly good herb for bodies that go through monthly menstruation.

I’ve been enjoying Da Zao by adding it to oatmeal. Tips:

❗️The dates need to be cooked.

❗️Remove the pits before cooking.


→ Cook them with your steel-cut oats in the insta-pot or via stovetop.

→ If using flaked oats, simmer the dates in a bit of water first for 20min.

Da Zao is excellent for boosting fertility, softening the cervix before labour, supporting uterine muscles, and nourishing postpartum.

Chinese Dates are less sweet than the dates we usually get in the grocery store, so it’s easier on the blood sugar. That being said, they’re not recommended for everyone’s constitution – so it’s always wise to talk to your practitioner first.

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You can read a research study report here:

Food really is medicine.

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