Air Element

In ????????? we’re moving into an ??? ??????.⁣⁣In ??? we’re still in a ????? ??????.⁣⁣??? brings us new ideas, new visions, new ways of communicating.

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What is True Flexibility?

THE TRAVEL ITCH IS REAL RIGHT NOW. ⁣⁣But more on that in a sec.⁣⁣First: ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?????????⁣⁣It doesn’t have to be

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My New Year’s Ritual

?? ??? ????’? ??????⁣⁣It’s that time, the end of a year (an epic year at that!) with a new one in the wings.⁣⁣I developed a

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Winter Solstice Ritual

Welcome, ?????? ????????.⁣⁣I love seasons. They build in nature’s cyclical wisdom as guideposts for a well-balanced life.⁣⁣The Winter solstice is considered ‘??? ?????? ???’ in

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The Great Conjunction

THE GREAT CONJUNCTION. December 21st, 2020.⁣⁣Welcome to a new 20 year cycle. Coinciding with the Winter Solstice tomorrow, we have a major planetary alignment: ???????

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Coix Seed Recipe

TCM Breakfast Porridge

​My TCM Breakfast Obsession: ?? ?? ??? porridge ?⁣⁣?? ?? ??? has many names: Croix Seed, Job’s Tears, Chinese pearled barley, Yi Mi⁣⁣It’s an herb

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