Saturn square Uranus

A shift in perspective. It’s happening. Collectively and personally, for all of 2021, but especially alive around:⁣

Feb 17⁣
June 14⁣
Dec 24⁣

The planetary aspect is Saturn square Uranus. When these energies face off, it’s like ?????? ??? ??? ????? & ????? ?? ?? ??? ???? ????.⁣

Uranus wants radical change. I love this planet because it’s weird & revolutionary, always just ahead of what the world is ready for.⁣

Light lightening, Uranus enters your internal antennae. It can feel like a restless energy. It can feel like a download of information, an epiphany, an innovative or wild idea. It can be uncomfortable if we’re not aware of what’s happening, our nervous system suddenly activated.⁣

But it can also light us up with the way forward ✨⁣

The image that comes to mind is from E.T. the Extra Terrestrial – the 80s Spielberg movie: The tip of E.T.’s finger lighting up, touching your heart, infusing it with a glow & vision for humanity that is healing, and is based in respect, friendship, love & community – all Aquarius themes.⁣

It’s all very exciting. Except that Saturn is squaring Uranus at the same time: A bit of a buzz kill. The parent that limits the party with a curfew.⁣

Saturn is about the status quo. It maintained this throughout its time Capricorn, but in Aquarius it must adapt. We know that globally the systems must change, the structures that oppress need revision. And personally we’re experiencing the same.⁣

Whether this dance of the planets is happening in your work, relationships, community, or physical / mental health, there is something TO BE DONE DIFFERENTLY. To CHANGE OUR PERSPECTIVE ON. To RELATE TO IN A NEW WAY.⁣

The good & bad news is that you don’t have to (read: likely won’t) solve it this week. That may not feel great because of the urgency. But it’s key because we get the entire year to learn how best to move forward. It teaches us to be responsible, structured & purposeful with each brick we lay down to get there, to build a foundation for our vision that will have staying power.⁣