Messages from the body: Self Care and Surrender

Surrender & Self Care

Through messages from my body this weekend, I was told to ?????????. My impatience was made to bow down to the higher forces that told me to eat my own advice ? ???? ????. Not always easy. I am a natural do-er, with a tendency towards people pleasing (working on it!). There were things I was excited to do, appointments to be had, patients to see…⁣

?????????. ⁣

Once I let go of trying to force things, to hold things in place, 2020 gave me the lesson (again ?) of not being afraid to let things fall, to pause, and to pick things up again later. In the meantime, I was asked to reflect on…⁣


2020 has shaken my vision. Perhaps yours, too. But life isn’t supposed to always go to according to plan. Though the path ahead still isn’t clear to me, that’s ok. What became clear to me this weekend was a reminder of what I do have: ???? ??? ??????????. Without leaving my house, I had phone calls and laughs and cries with people I love, and was able to appreciate ?????? ?????????. ⁣

Staying reminded of that, some of the rest doesn’t matter as much. ⁣

When you surrender, it’s easier to see the gifts of the present. ⁣

What are you grateful for? What are your ?????? ?????????? ?⁣

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