Stuck in the tunnel of burnout? Here’s how to move through

“???????? ??? ???????; ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??????? ???? ??? ??? ?? ??? ????? ?? ??? ???. ?????????? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ????? ?? ?? ???????.” ~ @brenebrown, quoting Emily & Amelia Nagoski from their new book, ???????.⁣

Our lives are multifaceted, and often emotions get put in a separate category, like a box we shove away that we don’t have time – or make time – to sort through. But ???????? ??? ???????????. And each one creates ? ????????????? ???????? ?? ??? ????. They are a driving force in all of us, an essential part of human life, and a factor in disease.⁣

But what do we do with them? ??? do we work with them? If it sounds exhausting to tend to every emotion you have, I feel ya. We can’t always do this, especially in a situation where the appropriate action calls for setting our emotions aside and dealing with them later.⁣

And therein lies key – dealing with them later. ?⁣

What Emily & Amelia’s book ??????? is presenting, is actually good news: We don’t always have to change the issue that sparked the emotion. We just have to deal with the feeling (or physical reaction) from it.⁣

And here are some ways to do so:⁣

▫️Physical activity⁣
▫️Positive social interaction (I know, a more challenging one in a pandemic!)
▫️Affection (i.e. a 20 second hug)⁣
▫️A big cry⁣
▫️Creative expression⁣

And though it wasn’t mentioned, I’d like to propose ??????????? for this list as well?⁣

One thing I love about Chinese Medicine is that emotions are woven into it. They are a recognized ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ???????. There are acupuncture points that help the body process the neurochemical responses of emotion, so we don’t get stuck there – or burnt out.⁣

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I highly recommend the podcast episode (Unlocking Us, Oct 14th 2020). And if it sparks your interest, consider reading Emily & Amelia’s book ???????.⁣

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