Taurus Season

The Sun moves into Taurus April 19, followed by Mercury on the same day. Together they join Venus, which recently entered on the 14th: A Taurus trio!⁣

This is a mega-shift in energy. We move abruptly from up ‘n’ at ’em Aries, to slow ‘n’ steady Taurus. We remember that we are not only people who have heads and ideas and passions, we also have bodies ?⁣

I tease a little here, as I know of course not everyone has been moving around as a floating head. BUT – Taurus does bring in a different relationship to our body. In brings us more INTO our body.⁣

Taurus is more comfortable livin’ the sloooow liiiife. Depending on your own chart placements, this could be super uncomfortable, or it could feel like a homecoming or relief.⁣

Ruled by Venus, it reminds us to rediscover our sensual nature, what gives us pleasure, and how we experience beauty.⁣

It asks us to confront our own resistance to change.⁣

It also confronts us with the ways in which we do or do not feel secure, physically or materially.⁣

And forces us to get practical.⁣

With these Taurus placements, it’s more of an experiential living of our pleasure-seeking and material natures, rather than just exploring these ideas in theory. It is embodied being.⁣

For those of us in lockdown, the #slowliving life is a little more forced upon us. You are allowed to have allthefeelings about this. Like it or not, these themes are what we have to go on.⁣

Luckily, Taurus planets can bring us patience, and can help us find life’s simple pleasures satisfying: Listening to the birds. Watching the flowers pop up in your or someone else’s garden. Bare feet on the grass. Savoring a piece of cake. Enjoying tactile sensations. Wearing a fabric or a colour that lights you up. Tying up loose threads on a project, or literally knitting a sweater.⁣

And of course, I’m all in favour of acupuncture & other mind & body-work practices.⁣

Staying consistent with our chosen embodiment practices is a way of proving loyalty to ourselves, offering ourselves patience, and allowing pleasure.⁣

Wishing you a harmonious Taurus season, in your own uniquely beautiful way.⁣