The How, the Way, the Heart


For what it’s worth, and in case it helps….⁣

I want to share a few thoughts on how. This year has thrown so much at all of us. And it keeps bringing in the question ???: ⁣

❔How do we deal with this? ⁣
❔How will I live with this?⁣
❔How do I get through this? ⁣
❔How can I accomplish this? ⁣
❔How do I heal from this?⁣

I wrote a cue card message to myself at the start of 2020, one of my new year’s mantras still posted above my desk. Little did I know the extent to which I would turn to it. ⁣

And now today’s thoughts on ???, for what it’s worth, in case it helps…⁣

?????? ?? ??⁣

It’s a lot to take in sometimes.⁣

I know.⁣

I hear you.⁣

(And now, the snow ❆)⁣

What lies ahead.. we don’t know.⁣

We never have.⁣

But especially now…⁣

Especially now.⁣

When I can’t see the way through⁣

Instead I:⁣

I look within ↓⁣

And I look up ↑⁣

Guidance from both directions.⁣

The way⁣

is the how.⁣


The way = the how.⁣

And the how is the heart. ⁣

Again. ⁣

The how = the heart. ⁣

And the breath⁣

The breath⁣

Is all⁣

That links one moment to the next. ⁣

How we move⁣

through uncertainty.⁣

How we breath⁣

into the unknown.⁣

How we show up⁣

For ourselves.⁣

For each other.⁣

How we care⁣

How we love⁣

So we don’t feel alone.⁣

When we know so little else⁣

This is the how⁣

This is way. ⁣

Take care of your heart.⁣

Take care of each other’s.⁣

And if you’re feeling alone, please reach out. ⁣


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