The Little Voice Inside Me…

Inner Voice - Do the right thing
I am pausing my practice. For 2 weeks (for now)*. ⁣

I write this only hours after my last post. Because I can’t ignore the little voice. The little voice inside me that says ‘Do what you feel is right’. The little voice inside me that says ‘I’d rather be safe than sorry’. The little voice inside me that shouts ‘Bravo!’ when others I admire for their integrity are suspending their practices.⁣

My little voice is not necessarily your little voice. And that is okay. ⁣

Despite spending countless hours reading countless articles debating best approaches to dealing with COVID-19 // Despite being someone who is generally most comfortable in the middle ground // Despite not being sure what’s more contagious – the virus or the closures // Despite not being personally afraid of being sick (yet recognizing there are others at risk and wanting to ease the burden on our health care system) // Despite being self-employed and unsure of how to pay rent for the indefinite future… the little voice keeps saying, ‘Do it anyway.’ ⁣

It guides me towards setting the example that feels most right for me, for now. My moral compass.⁣

I will be contacting everyone with private appointments in the next two weeks to reschedule. ⁣

*In the interim I will be offering telemedicine for those who could benefit from herbal consultations, and/or self-administered guided acupressure sessions.⁣

Thank you for your understanding. Be well, and I hope to see you before too long. ⁣
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