The Magic of Letting Go

There is beauty in letting go ✨

I’ve been reflecting a lot on letting go, as it’s the Metal element Autumn season in TCM.

I’ve noticed that there are things I’d decided to let go long ago, that I’ve still not fully let go of. Why is that?

Becoming more aware of the sensations in my body has helped me realize that my ???? had decided, but I hadn’t integrated it into my ????. I didn’t ‘drop it in’. Parts of me still held on.

This autumn I’m tapping into the magic of the body, the aliveness that floods in when I allow stagnant holds to dissolve.

And if you can’t decide in your mind first – try your body. Play with it. Finding space through allowing the holds to release.

It doesn’t mean we won’t have grief follow us through our life, but it does mean it won’t stick ?????? ?? and cause dis-ease as we try to live it.

Letting go is really just transforming ✨