Uranus Transits: A Radical Week Ahead ⚡️⁣

??????? ?????? ??????: ??? ??⁣

This is breakthrough energy. This is possibilities. This is risk-taking. This is breaking the norm. This is off-brand. This is radical rearranging. This is wildness.⁣

This is also the ungrounded. The conspiracy. The recklessness.⁣

A square is a challenge that makes us question. Not because we need to choose or define ourselves one way or another. But rather to create an opportunity to discover or ?????????? ??? ??????????. To say yes ???? to that which serves to expand our authentic self, and/or benefit the collective.⁣

How can we be radical-responsible rather than radical-reckless?⁣

???? ???????? ??????: ??? ??⁣

A fiery lightening bolt. An epiphany. Rocket science. A catapult into another dimension.⁣

Or perhaps: An explosion. An accident. Rebellion. Temperamental energy. Outbursts.

Meanwhile… The ??? ?????? ????????, bringing to light Aquarian themes of how to heal outdated patterns in the collective, how to change our communication, and how love & allow space for our weirdo selves ? ?⁣

???? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???????:⁣

Celebrate your weirdo self ??‍♀️ ?⁣

Remain analytical: fact-check information ✅⁣

Mind your nervous systems ??⁣

Roll with the tech issues (Uranus rules the internet) ???⁣

Drive & walk safely /mindfully (Mars rules the car) ? ??‍♀️⁣

Check your ego. Watch your temper. Work together. ? ?⁣

Capture your ah-ha moments ??⁣

Allow & enjoy the breakthroughs ???⁣

Use your intuition ✨⁣

Be safe and stay weird!⁣

✌? ⁣

P.S. took this pic a few years ago at Geysir in Iceland. Nature is ? ?