Water Element & Receptivity

Oh, just two little ducks in a flow state ?⁣

And also:⁣

??????????? ?? ??? ????? ??????? & ???????????⁣

We’re in the Winter season, associated with the Water Element in Chinese Medicine, and I’ve been reflecting a lot on what it means ‘?? ??’ – the highest calling of the Water element. And how that is connected with ???????????.⁣

???? ?? ? ????? ?? ????????????⁣

It’s a flow state, where you are available, for your inner guidance or for inspiration downloads. Where your consciousness is free to roam. Where you can heal.⁣

??? ?? ??? ???? ???? ??? ??? ?? ? ????? ?? ????????????⁣

It’s a felt sense – like space, openness – not just in your mind but in your body and beyond the body.⁣

You can consciously achieve this state through certain practices, but it also arises when you’re doing habitual things, like taking a shower – where you don’t need to concentrate on the activity at hand because you’ve done it a million times. Aka shower thoughts, as my husband calls them. ??⁣

???? ?? ? ???? ??? ?? ? ????? ?? ????????????⁣

For me?⁣

? Acupuncture. It helps me feel and be in flow.⁣

? Writing. Something happens when my hands translate what’s in my head. I write to capture what I think I know or want to say, but then discover so much more in the process.⁣

? Yoga. Movement & breath. Golden combo.⁣

? Walking as well. But without agenda. Without podcasts or audio books, which I have an insatiable appetite for. I have to consciously pause the intake of information, in order to really be in the aliveness of the moment.⁣

How about you?⁣

While you ponder, enjoy these two li’l ducks in their flow state. I feel calm just looking at them ? ?⁣

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