What is True Flexibility?


But more on that in a sec.⁣

First: ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?????????⁣

It doesn’t have to be yoga. It doesn’t even have to be physical.⁣

??????????? ?? ???? takes us so much further. It is the key to growth.⁣

What helps me stay flexible:⁣

⭐️ ???????????. ‘??? ????’ anyone? 3rd eye point of magic? (Swipe to last image). It helps me see things from a different perspective. ⁣

⭐️ ????????. I love yoga, and also intuitive body flow. It helps me find space where I feel stuck.⁣

⭐️ ??????. It opens me up to new experiences, new ways of living, and expands my way of thinking.⁣

This is me in Bali. My anniversary is coming up, and we took a ‘Balimoon’ together. I’m so grateful we had that opportunity and did it while we could.⁣

Though I’m naturally a homebody, with it being winter, a pandemic and stuck inside so much… I’m really feelin the wanderlust these days – and I know I’m not alone! Scrolling through images is the closest I’ve got right now ?⁣

Travel is a privilege. I recognize it isn’t an option for many people. Keeping this perspective helps me stay grateful for what I’ve experienced, and more at peace in the now.⁣

In the meantime, I’ve got ??????????? & ???????? to keep me ????????, to keep me ???????.⁣

If you’re curious to try acu, or are feeling restless and could use a tuneup, DM me or contact link in bio to set something up!⁣

? ⁣

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