Winter Solstice Ritual

Welcome, ?????? ????????.⁣

I love seasons. They build in nature’s cyclical wisdom as guideposts for a well-balanced life.⁣

The Winter solstice is considered ‘??? ?????? ???’ in Chinese Medicine – the most yin time of the year, the day with least hours of daylight.⁣

Take a moment on the Solstice or the days surrounding it to reflect, to be still, to get extra rest.⁣

Reflection guidance:⁣

❄️ In a dimly lit room, get a candle, and a glass or bowl of water, and set them both in front of you.⁣

❄️ Light the candle. This is to remind you of the light that is always inside you. See the light reflect in the bowl of water.⁣

❄️ Sit upright, placing your hands on your lower back. This is the area where our kidneys are. In Chinese Medicine the Kidney system is associated with Winter, and where we can look to gain insight into living in harmony with the season.⁣

❄️ Take 7 deep breaths, breathing into your hands/lower back/kidneys. Feel your lower back expand as you breath.⁣

❄️ Looking at the glass of water, the element associated with this season, take a moment to reflect on:⁣

❄️ What was most nourishing for your body and spirit this year? What was your vital go-to for a recharge? (It could be one or several things that come to mind.)⁣

For me it was:⁣

?Earlier mornings, time all to myself (well, plus a cat!) to reflect & write & create⁣

?More routine around meal times – eating, approximately the same times each day, in line with the Chinese Medicine Organ System clock, giving my body a more predictable rhythm for optimal digestion⁣

?Using astrology as a tool for guiding my spirit through the toughest times, offering perspective and some personal lessons to be gained.⁣

?? Make a commitment to yourself: to listen to what your body & spirit need, and do your best to provide. When things are overwhelming, come back to the simple things, and take it moment by moment. When things get dark, trust that they will get lighter.⁣

I’d love to know: What was most nourishing for you?⁣

Wishing you a peaceful Winter Solstice ❄️ ⁣

For more about the Great Conjunction that’s happening today, see my post from December 19th ?? ⁣