Your Questions Answered

Now that I have unveiled my snazzy new website (??) allow me to (re)introduced myself.

I’m Laura (she/her).

I’m an Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, in Toronto, ON, Canada??⁣

Questions I’ve been asked lately:

“Are you still able to practice with Toronto currently in the ‘Grey Zone’?

The answer?

Yes! It’s great news that regulated health professionals such as Acus & TCMPs are allowed to continue our services (following proper protocols) ??

The next question I get is, “What do you treat?”


I treat people. I don’t see you as a condition or as a disease. I don’t see you as broken.

I understand what’s underneath the question, though. It’s: Can you help me with what I’m struggling with?

Please DM me or email to inquire with specifics, but some examples of what I’m working on with my patients, what & who I bring my needles & heart to are:

?? Stress. And to be honest, it’s a trigger for most conditions. Stress doesn’t mean it’s ‘all in your head’. Stress can be physical, situational, mental, emotional, spiritual, or inherited – or all of the above at once.

?? Physical Pain. Back pain? Recovering from a surgery? Experiencing pain as a side effect of radiation treatments? All can benefit with acu & TCM. (P.S. “Zoom shoulders” anyone? Ya. Thought so.)

?? Emotional pain. Grief. Loss. Life transitions. Heartache. Trauma. (Resonating? See you soon!)

?? Fertility. Studies show that regular acupuncture improves pregnancy rates and reduces risk of miscarriage. I see many folx who are trying to conceive naturally, as well as through IVF.

For more, please check out my new online digs: or Link in Bio.

Photo above by @willoharephotography – Thank you for your creative spirit & technical wizardry.

And thanks to all for your supportive comments on the new look, I really appreciate it ?? ?