Creativity has always been my go-to for responding to the world and digesting life experiences. Writing is the primary tool for my expression, whether it’s through poems, songs, plays or, now – a book!

May my first book, Stranger Medicine, help you tap into a part of yourself that you’ve forgotten…

✨ Enjoy.

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Follow the Woman on a rhythmic journey through true stories that celebrate the healing power of strangers.

Stranger Medicine

by Laura Burns

“Sometimes her mind goes places and she follows it…”

“ 'Stranger Medicine' had me hooked. It’s the way Laura expresses herself: she carries you along, visually, spiritually. You feel your energy shifting, and in a strange way, I felt closer to home.” ​

“A book full of shimmering moments that speak to the wondrousness of our existence, and the seemingly random connections to others that ultimately pave our way back to ourselves. Burns’ words crack open the world behind the world to reveal the beauty of what makes us most human.”

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UPDATED May 4th:

Thank you! Your purchase of Stranger Medicine in April 2020 helped provide over 550 meals for Ontarians in need.