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I practice with humility, humour, and heart.


Meet Laura

I believe in your ability to change, and that ultimately you know you best.

I believe in laughter as one of the best medicines.

I believe in practicing with care, compassion, and spirit.

Laura (she/her)

Whether you’re looking for ways to cope with chronic stress through bodywork & deep relaxation…

Whether you’re looking for a new perspective on an old illness, disease, or pattern…

Whether you’re looking to be empowered with insight and tools that further your healing journey…

……I am honoured to work with you. To bring my 10 years of study, knowledge and practice, along with an open mind and compassionate heart, to help you feel your best.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine
is the only medicine that’s made sense of my symptoms.

I was suffering with long-standing digestive health issues that no physician nor specialist I saw could offer any relief for. At best, I was prescribed medication that was just masking my symptoms (and ultimately make things worse in the long run).

I was frustrated with being given a clean bill of health, and still feeling so unwell.

I blamed myself.

When I discovered Chinese Medicine, my body said YES. The symptoms I was experiencing were real – and treatable. I felt so validated. And I was finally empowered with the tools for healing.

Given that I am naturally (and endlessly!) driven to study people and what it means to be a human, I instantly knew I needed to become a TCM practitioner myself, so that I can gift this powerful medicine – and ultimately way of life – to others.

In addition, I bring to my practice years of experience working in the creative arts. Merging my passions for both the healing and creative arts, I operate on the belief that a fundamental aspect of health is an authentic expression of who we are.

  • Registered Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with CTCMPAO
    (College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Acupuncturists of Ontario)
  • Diploma in Acupuncture & Eastern Herbal Medicine from The Institute of Traditional Medicine
  • Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture Certification
    (For a natural glow from the inside out)
  • Pulse Diagnosis Internship with Dr. Martha Lucas
    (Get direct feedback from pulse changes during treatment)


Additional studies

  • BFA in Performing Arts from Ryerson University
    My interest in studying people first began in the arts, with 10+ years professional work as an actor, playwright, singer-songwriter.
  • Currently studying Natal & Medical Astrology
    What the planets have to say about you & your health
  • Ayurveda for the Psyche
    Caring for the body & mind through Ayurveda
  • Contemplative End of Life Care
    If you love, you grieve…Learning to die well is learning to live well.
  • Yoga Philosophy
    The history & philosophy behind the practice of yoga.
  • Reiki Level I
    It’s on my life to-do list to finish the other levels!

For Fun

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Docs, books, cats, walks. Words, food, rhythm, woo.

I recorded a full length music album entitled Normal.

I wrote and self-published a book of narrative poetry during the pandemic, entitled Stranger Medicine.

Grab a copy here.

ONE TV: Four-minute Foundations of TCM

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture


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