New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius: Dec 14

New moon eclipse astrology

New moons are generally a time to embark, initiate, or implement.

But an eclipse brings shadows. Beginning a new venture with clouded information or intentions isn’t ideal.

Particularly with this eclipse – as simultaneously mercury conjuncts the south node, i.e. that which we’re moving away from. This eclipse asks us:

  • What do we need to let go of in order to move forward?
  • What communication styles are we done with?
  • What thought patterns are we ready to leave behind because they are no longer serving us?

There is added planetary potential to best make use of this eclipse, which is positive: Mercury trines Mars, which helps us with the energy to change, and Venus sextiles Jupiter which helps propel us with and towards a place of love and optimism.

Still, there are crevices which we can’t see into, unknowns that will be revealed as the next 6 months unfold. Jupiter is still in Capricorn until Saturday Dec 19 – meaning it’s in a sign where it’s not able to be its best self, an uncomfortable environment that’s been hard to thrive in (for the last year).

The way forward in this one…

Ask yourself:What inner patterns are no longer serving me? Take a big breath, and lovingly let go.

Remind yourself that letting go is not always a ‘once done’ event, but a process. Patterns are just that – places we return to. Commit to letting go, catching it if it returns, and gently letting go again. (And again.) Humour helps: Oh THIS pattern again… I see you, but see ya ✌?

For the area in your life you’re feeling driven to move forward in, simply take your time to allow for all the information you need to come forward first. It will. Trust.

Lighten up a bit. I’m all for self-work and reflection, but it can be heavy at times. Sag likes a jovial time. Do something fun (but safe/responsible pls ?).

Mind your livers. Sagittarius rules the liver. Things that support the Liver Qi in Chinese Medicine are:

  1. Exercise – ramp it up during Sag season.
  2. Bitters – foods or tinctures. Speak to an herbalist if you’ve never taken liver support herbs before. Not safe during pregnancy.
  3. If you’re going to drink alcohol, drink in moderation. Sag likes to indulge, and without some personal restraint, can get a little carried away with festivities. Love your liver. Drink sparingly, or have some fun with non-alcoholic, low sugar cocktails.

Stay true to your values and your truth, your authenticity. From this place you can handle whatever comes your way.